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Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Services - Austin, TX

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Services - Austin, TX

The mobility of your garage door depends on the quality of its springs, such as garage door extension springs, and garage door torsion springs. These springs enable garage door to function smoothly. They are one of the parts that may get damaged as a result of constant wear and tear. If you notice erratic behavior of your garage door, chances are that you may have to repair your garage door springs to ensure their good health condition. There are many reasons why garage door springs break-down. Here are some of the most common things that may damage the garage door:

Using the wrong spring on your garage door

There are several types of garage doors, manufactured by different manufacturers. These garage doors differ in design, size, and weight. Due to these differences in characteristics, they require different springs. When a spring is broken, you have to replace it with a new one that is similar, and is appropriate for your garage door, so that it could bear the weight. If you replace it with a different kind of spring, then it will probably break.


When the garage door springs get old, they will break as they will become unable to bear the weight of the door. Similar to any other component of your garage door, the springs also have a lifespan. When the springs get exhausted, there are high chances that they may break down. However, you will not have this problem if you conduct regular maintenance of your garage door.

Poor Installation of the garage door

Installation of a garage door is not a simple task that anybody can perform. Garage doors are very complicated in terms of mechanical design, you must hire a highly professional company for installation works. If it is not properly installed, the weight of your garage door may put too much stress on the garage door springs, causing them to break.

Degradation of garage door's metallic components

Degradation is a natural process, and every metallic components including spring goes through it. Even new garage door springs may degrade, depending on the amount of friction they face every day. In addition, the time taken for them to wear out will be significantly influenced by how they were installed. It is very common to find replicas made from low quality metal that does not last long. Due to the poor quality of material, used to make the spring, your garage door spring may break down very easily.

Now that you know what causes your garage door spring to break, you should contact us when this happens and we will help restore your garage door spring with very little servicing cost. With Austin Home Garage Doors you will be assured that your garage door has high quality springs, so that it functions smoothly.

Austin Home Garage Doors also offer extension of spring, replacement of springs on any kind of door including the old and rare types. We would love to help you out. We will inspect the entire garage door repair service to make sure that everything is functioning smoothly. We value our customers, which is the reason we will give you the best customer service. We ensure that you get 100% satisfaction from the services that we provide.


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